8 Avenue Dutuit (8) Tel:  01-53-05-10-00   AMBIANCE/DECOR When 3-Star chef Yannick Alleno left the Hotel Maurice several years ago to take over the venerable, but tired Pavilion Ledoyen behind the Petit Palais along the Read more

Fogon Ultramarinos

38 Rue de Verneuil (7) Tel: 01-43-54-31-33   Fogon was a well-regarded longtime Spanish restaurant on the Quai in the 6th.  I never ate there.  The restaurant is gone.  Instead, the owners have opened a Read more


23 Rue Treilhard (8) Tel: 01-40-74-20-80 It’s a complicated story with a great ending. I noticed Cena on line, a new restaurant in the 8th owned by the same group as one of our neighborhood Read more

Aux Bons Crus

54 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac (11) Tel: 01-45-67-21-13 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR An engaging retro bistro menu of disappearing French classics served to a full house of seeming regulars, deep in small restaurant territory in the 11th. In this Read more

Scene (La)

32 Avenue Matignon (8) Tel: 01-42-65-05-61 A new name for us from American friends who, in turn, received the recommendation from their hotel concierge. Opened more or less during Covid, after which it was closed Read more


12 Rue de Mirbel (5) Tel: 01-45-87-89-40 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR A new restaurant for us, recommended by French friends new to the 5th. Unprepossessing from the outside, wine-focused, the domain of a bilingual wine partner proud of Read more


27/29 Rue de Beaune (7) Tel: 01-40-13-96-42 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Nothing about this Diary favors neighborhood restaurants. The geographical spread among the city’s 20 arrondissements reflects largely where the restaurants are which we want to try. That Read more


6 Rue de Saint Simon (7) Tel: 01-45-44-73-73 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR For many years we walked by Gaya on the nearby Rue du Bac, a small seafood focused satellite restaurant of the Michelin 3-star chef, Pierre Gagnaire. Read more


3 Rue Etienne Marcels (1) Tel: 09-53-62-89-17 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR It may not be fair to fault an otherwise good restaurant for a lack of energy, either because of the mix of the crowd (too many Americans Read more

Au Pied de Cochon

6 Rue Coquilliere (1) Tel: 01-40-13-77-00 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR If your first reaction is to think, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a tourist place like Au Pied du Cochon” you won’t be alone, but you also Read more

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