32 Avenue Matignon (8)
Tel: 01-42-65-05-61

A new name for us from American friends who, in turn, received the recommendation from their hotel concierge. Opened more or less during Covid, after which it was closed for a year. Already 2 Michelin stars.


A basement dining room for 28 people with an open kitchen and an upstairs street level more casual a la carte bistro with less formal choices (but not necessarily less expensive).


Small menu snacks, first courses, plats, four choices: scallop cru and hard boiled eggs with truffle mayo; escarole and lightly cooked sliced tuna over vegetables and Asian noodles. For dessert, a light pastry, two biscuit discs with vanilla pastry cream in between.

A wonderful lunch, polished, professional, friendly, bi-lingual service. Busy location in the heart of the 8th.

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