54 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac (11)
Tel: 01-45-67-21-13


An engaging retro bistro menu of disappearing French classics served to a full house of seeming regulars, deep in small restaurant territory in the 11th. In this Diary, reminiscent of Le Quincy (see), one of our favorites which serves some of the same dishes. Aux Bons Crus is new, but looks old. Le Quincy is old, and looks old.


The best dish we sampled was the classic Lyonnaise fish dumpling, quenelle de brochet. Also pate en croute, lentil salad with sliced sausage and stuffed cabbage. Profiteroles for dessert.


Very low prices. Friendly, but very casual service. Three floor staff for 50 diners, one of the things which can’t be duplicated in the US and which allows small Paris restaurants to work.


My preference is to pay three times more for the real thing at Le Quincy, but a room full of happy diners might disagree.

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