Rue Chappon (3)
Tel: 01-43-37-91-64

This is a terrific new (2022) restaurant.

Small, casual. Located on an otherwise deserted 18th C Marais street.  A boutique selling wines across the street, the one other source of light on the dark street emanating from this professional, but low-key storefront.

Wine focused with a very long list from across France.  The price range tending toward high.  A concise menu, evidently different every day.  Four-five choices per category, unusual, fresh basic preparations of seasonal ingredients.


Scallops with garlic butter on open shells; then sliced cold head cheese,   ris de veau (sweetbreads) lightly fried over mashed potatoes.  Also offered:  a pasta (gnocchi), a vegetarian option and bass.  Poached pear and several other enticing desserts.


Friendly service. Bilingual.


Precious tables.  Fair, but equally precious prices.

Could not be more contemporary Paris without artifice or pretention.  With wine, 90€ per person.


(1X) (2022)