112 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré (8)
Tel: 01-53-43-43-40

Epicure is the 3-Star restaurant housed in the elegant Hotel Bristol. We were treated in an incredible act of generosity by good American friends. We ordered a la carte; a parade of preliminary tastes, breads, palate teasers. My entrée, 3 wide pieces of large macaroni filled with foie gras and truffles. My plat, chicken for 2 served in two courses cooked in a pig’s bladder and carved tableside. You had to be there!


Other dishes equally elaborate. All beautiful to look at, to smell and to taste.


A large (and full) room. Elegant settings. Responsive, practiced service, but with a friendly, light touch. Pre and post desserts with an ethereal chocolate preparation my dessert choice.


A wonderful, near-matchless experience with wines I can only imagine the price.

It is theater, and if food is not your thing, it is silly to even consider it. But it is a 3-Star experience available only to a few. You won’t find it outside of Paris.

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