27/29 Rue de Beaune (7) Tel: 01-40-13-96-42 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Nothing about this Diary favors neighborhood restaurants. The geographical spread among the city’s 20 arrondissements reflects largely where the restaurants are which we want to try. That Read more


6 Rue de Saint Simon (7) Tel: 01-45-44-73-73 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR For many years we walked by Gaya on the nearby Rue du Bac, a small seafood focused satellite restaurant of the Michelin 3-star chef, Pierre Gagnaire. Read more


3 Rue Etienne Marcels (1) Tel: 09-53-62-89-17 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR It may not be fair to fault an otherwise good restaurant for a lack of energy, either because of the mix of the crowd (too many Americans Read more

Au Pied de Cochon

6 Rue Coquilliere (1) Tel: 01-40-13-77-00 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR If your first reaction is to think, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a tourist place like Au Pied du Cochon” you won’t be alone, but you also Read more

Bouillon Julien

16 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Denis (10) Tel: 01-47-70-12-06 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR What a great lunch! Deep in the racially/economically mixed 10th on a market street steps from the Metro, an original but revived 1906 art nouveau workers Read more

Brasserie Lutetia

43 Boulevard Raspail (6) Tel:  01-49-54-46-46 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR 2018-2019 has not been the best year for Paris.  The Yellow Vest protests have been disruptive and disturbing, but one high note has been the reopening following five Read more


39 Rue Des Jeuneurs (2) Tel: 01-40-20-06-06 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Joia is the second Paris restaurant of the chef Helene Darroze, whose other restaurant, a more formal Michelin 1 Star, reopens following a major renovation in a Read more

Rigamarole (Le)

10 Rue Du Grand Prieure (11) Tel: 01-71-24-58-44 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR The food isn’t fussy but the history is. Opened in late 2017, Rigamarole is a small space in the 11th, around the corner from Clown Bar Read more

Cafe Marly (Le)

93 Rue de Rivoli (1) Tel:  01-49-26-06-60 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR The best thing which can be written about Café Marly – maybe the only thing – is its prime location literally in the building of the Louvre Read more

Restaurant Biscotte

22 Rue Desnouettes (15) Tel: 01-45-33-22-22 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR There has been a drift in this Diary over its brief history toward more expensive, more high-profile restaurants. Maybe it is because of the leads we receive; what Read more

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