Bouillon Pigalle

22 Boulevard de Clichy (18) Tel:  01-42-59-69-31 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR When I wrote about Bouillon Chartier in 2011 (see 9th Arr.), I said:  “You’ll probably want to see this restaurant, but maybe not eat there”. Now, the Read more

MaZenay (Le)

46 Rue de Montmorency (3) Tel: 06-42-83-79-52 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Among literally thousands of named, but otherwise nameless, small restaurants which dot virtually every block of greater Paris, only a handful combine seriousness, ambition and skill. How Read more


47 Rue de Richelieu (1) Tel:  01-42-97-46-49 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR A long-established wine bar begun by an English-born owner, now evolved into a small, popular restaurant in the second generation.  His daughter, one of two very busy Read more

Oseille (L’)

3 Rue Saint Augustin (2) Tel: 01-45-08-13-76 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Our last night in Paris on a recent 2 week visit. Tired, stuffed, but we must eat dinner. We’ll try an unknown name recommended by American/Paris acquaintances Read more

Café Trama

83 Rue du Cherche Midi (5) Tel:  01-45-48-33-71 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR A great choice for lunch or a casual, lighter dinner. On a sunny Saturday in June, full of French couples and families enjoying sophisticated, unusual dishes Read more


31 Avenue de Versailles (16) Tel: 01-42-15-55-70 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Eight months old, four with a Michelin star, this is a wonderful, personal, cleanly designed, carefully managed, youthful, friendly, high-end restaurant with complex,artfully plated, delicious food.  A Read more


8 Passages des Panoramas (2) Tel:  01-40-13-06-41 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Even part-time Parisians like me count the available nights.  I hate the idea of squandering a night on a disappointing choice, recognizing that a miss here and Read more

Reminet (Le)

3 Rue des Grands-Degrés (5) Tel:  01-44-07-04-24 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR A nice Left Bank location in the 5th.  Quasi-adjacent to Notre Dame (but no view).  On a tiny street, with a small room and tables onto the Read more


3, rue de Prague (12) Tel:  01-43-43-12-26 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR As the substance of this Diary should confirm, it is likely I am more familiar with Paris restaurants than many American visitors and probably many French.  So Read more


12, rue Papillon (9) Tel:  01-40-22-01-91 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Except to make two unrelated points which follow, this was an entirely forgettable restaurant, otherwise unworthy of this Diary or of using a precious night in Paris on. Read more

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