16 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Denis (10)
Tel: 01-47-70-12-06


What a great lunch! Deep in the racially/economically mixed 10th on a market street steps from the Metro, an original but revived 1906 art nouveau workers canteen, a bouillon. At 1:30 virtually every one of the 250 seats full. All French office workers eating from a low priced menu of perfectly tasty traditional dishes, service with a smile. Find an art nouveau interior as authentic. A terrific experience.


Great for a simple lunch. Classic eggs with mayonnaise, endive salad with walnuts and blue cheese; salmon with grilled endive and buerre blanc, and what must be the traditional specialty, Bouillon Julien, delicious beef consommé with stewed beef and fregola. Hearty and good. Wine by the carafe, 6€!


Friendly, professional, appropriate.


For 2: 42€!

(1X) (2019)

(Photo from “Yelp”)