3 Rue Etienne Marcels (1)
Tel: 09-53-62-89-17


It may not be fair to fault an otherwise good restaurant for a lack of energy, either because of the mix of the crowd (too many Americans – like us!) or too few covers. After all, the impact of saying so may be to worsen the problem, not correct it. Surely, the owners must agree. But it is what it is. There is so much more to a good restaurant experience than just good food.

Poulette has good food (and abundant portions). Ironically, it may have suffered from a recent well-known American expatriate food blogger writing that it is the prettiest restaurant in Paris (it isn’t, not close), but it has a lovely period tile wall which may or may not be original. It has attentive, helpful service appropriate to a small, personal restaurant. It isn’t aiming for Michelin stars. And it was a Monday night. All of that said, and wishing we could say more because of so many likeable elements, it lacked any edge whatsoever.


Very good. Small menu. Three entrees, five plats. Cocktails. Desserts. Nice octopus plat and small hangar steak with frites. Starters of warm leeks and tiny clams in bouillon with Thai chives (enough for 2, easily). Both excellent.


Two front of the house did dishes, wine, served, cleared. Helpful. Low-key. Bi-lingual.


141€ for 2, with 45€ wine. Fair.

(1X) (2019)