2, rue Christine (6)
Tel: 01-43-26-40-98


For 20 years this was 2-star Jacques Cagna’s “second” restaurant, one of what became several. In August Cagna closed his restaurant, sold the building and retired. His empire is now La Rotisserie d’en Face. Rotisserie roasted chicken with mashed potatoes is a specialty, but the offerings are much broader. It isn’t suggested that the famous chef is now in the kitchen, although it is said he stops in.

It is medium sized on an ancient Left Bank street just off the quai. The space has been recently redone. It is comfortable and modern, but restrained and in good taste. The surroundings are well done and the staff both professional and solicitous.

The mystery is in the guests. No longer very many, at least on a late March Tuesday night.

It surely isn’t explained by the food, service, surroundings or prices, all of which were favorable and in good balance. At one time, this was a popular spot for Americans – too popular. Fewer Americans are traveling to France; surely fewer to Rotisserie d’en Face. They are missing an enjoyable experience, if not an exciting one.


Foie gras, smoked salmon, braised pork shoulder, rotisserie chicken. Of course, molten chocolate cake and tartelette Tatin. Similar sautés and hot and cold starters from a longish menu including six fish choices. What we ate was well prepared.


Highly professional. Bilingual. Helpful without a hint of condescension.


A la carte. Entrees 10€ – 20€. Plates in the mid-20’s. Desserts 10€ +/-. With wine from a good list, water and coffee, 178€ for two.

(1x) (2010)