4, rue St. Benoit (6)
Tel: 01-42-60-27-92


In business since 1901 and probably not much changed. Never ambitious in décor, menu or execution, but unerringly reliable, predictable, dependable. Long, narrow room. Crowded. Small tables. Little effort at finesse, exactly the source of its charm. Hearty, unfussy, traditional bistro menu, with blackboard additions. Perfect for lunch. In the heart of St. Germain


Hot, hearty, traditional and plain, but quite good for what it is. (I have been eating at Petit Benoit for 40 years, but never dinner. There are just too many better choices, but sometimes all you want is lunch.)


Also part of the charm; rough, friendly, professional and to the point. Orders written on the paper table cloth. No computers here (and no credit cards).


Two starters (endive salad, egg mayonse; two roast pork specials with squash and mashed purple potatoes; water, two glasses of wine, one pear in wine: 50€)

(2x) (2012 – 2013)