99, boulevard du Montparnasse (6)
Tel: 01-45-48-38-24


Picasso and the other great artists of the early 20th Century are no longer coming to Le Select, the brasserie in Montparnasse – or to Le Dome or La Coupole across the boulevard, or to La Rotunde next door. A few metro stops and a world away from St. Germain, Montparnasse is now trendy and urban-renewed, the great cafés of history mostly chain-owed and touristy – but they are a part of Left Bank history and worth a lunch if touring the Cimetiere de Montparnasse.


Great salads. Bargain formula. Don’t come for the cuisine, come for the scene.


Old school. Busy. Gruff, but friendly


Low prices appropriate to the limited menu.

(1x) (2010)