4 Rue Récamier (7)
Tel:  01-45-48-86-58


One of the unique dining opportunities widely available in Paris is eating outside.  Since an indoor smoking ban was instituted many years ago, every café and bar has installed some form of outdoor seating supplemented in season by portable heaters.  Some “outdoor seats” crowd the sidewalks and seem almost on the narrow, busy street, but others are genuine and garden-like.  Le Récamier is one of these, an unlikely alcove in a busy neighborhood in the 7th, two blocks from the Bon Marche department store and food hall along a pedestrian street leading to a small, gated park.  It is civilized, popular and, on a spring day, very welcoming.


And it is not only the location.  The food is very good, long focused on (but not limited to) soufflés, savory main courses and sweet dessert versions.

We shared a wonderful deconstructed Caesar salad with shrimp, followed by Roquefort soufflé with Roquefort sauce to pour inside, and a large portion of fresh salmon tartare.  For dessert we shared a lovely raspberry tart.  Perfect lunch for a hot day.


Competent, although with a full outdoor house (and a near-empty interior) on one of the warmest days of spring, they were busy – too busy for anything resembling attentive.


For two, with water, two glasses of wine, shared entrée and dessert, 104€.

(1x) (2018)


Photo from lerecamier.com