2 Rue Casimir Perrier (7)
Tel:  01-44-18-94-64


A handsome, modern art deco reproduction with a large heated terrace looking out on a small majestic park in the 7th.  On a busy Saturday night, full of casually dressed French friends and families.  The surroundings would support a more ambitious menu and execution.  Instead, a large printed menu which involves little actual cooking.  Mediocre execution, careless service and low prices.  Obviously a model which works for the neighborhood.  Like New Yorkers and Bostonians, many people prefer (or accept) a comfortable nearby address where they are known.  No lofty ambition, nothing modern, nothing traditional, as long as it comes with frites!


A mammoth veal chop Milanese best shared, scallops with truffle-specked rich mashed potatoes, grilled cod.  Probably okay, but not better.


Waitress in black leather pants.  Waiter in loose jeans and untucked shirt.  They get the food to the table.


3 main courses (1 shared), 1 68€ bottle of wine, 1 dessert:  196€.


Photo from “Trip Advisor”