27, rue de Vaugirard (6)
Tel: 01-45-48-22-31


I have probably walked by La Maison du Jardin, more than once. Its exterior is unprepossessing. There is nothing chic or cutting edge about its look, its clientele or its interior. In fact, it is quite traditional physically. So are its clients, at a Monday lunch at least. Mostly regulars. Several occupying single tables among 15 or so, with napkins tucked under their chins and half bottles of red wine open at the table. Just our kind of place!

Had it not been for some well-travelled New York friends we would have continued to walk by. Not anymore.

This is not a bistro, but a middle class restaurant for middle of the road clients with a real chef in the kitchen.


The menu is original by today’s standards, but probably quite ordinary by the rules of 30 years ago. Yet there is no time warp, only well- prepared dishes with carefully chosen accompaniments prepared fresh and served piping hot. Beef cheek terrine with beet sauce, salmon and halibut chilled, rolled and sliced, roasted fish over potatoes and onions, prunes in red wine, apple tart. Comfort food for the comfortable.


Two hard working, skilled, middle-age professionals who act as if they care. Friendly and bilingual.


34€ fixed price for 3 courses. A few small supplements from the menu, plus plats du jour.

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