8, rue du Dragon (6)
Tel: 01-45-44-12-53


Martino is a charming and hard-working host of this small, well located Italian restaurant just off the Blvd. St. Germain. The space is cozy and frequented by many regulars. Sadly, the kitchen is not up to the promise of the host or the ambition of the menu, with prices reflecting the elusive promise. Still, on a low-key night, a worthwhile stop.

Open every day.


The kitchen falls short on a compact menu of familiar Italian dishes of pastas, simple meat and fish grills and sautés, plus specials. In general, execution and presentation disappoint.


The two servers carry through on the owner’s spirit of warmth and welcome.


Too high for the type of restaurant it is. Grilled vegetable entrees 14€ and 19€; fish or pasta with sausage and cepes, 27€ and 29€. Wine by the glass, 10€.

(1x) (2014)