5, rue de Pontoise (5)
Tel: 01-46-33-60-11


Surprisingly elegant, modern décor. Near river. Medium sized. Busy, closely spaced. Ambitious blackboard menu. Always booked.

Same chef, same address, but a “new” restaurant. Décor upgraded, fewer tables. Now a tasting menu, four courses, 59€; five courses, 79€. More refined dishes, more carefully plated, with a now older, more established clientele.

What was an attractive, but typical formula destination is now a more relaxed and elegant choice.


Excellent, with careful plating and attention to detail.

Refined. Inventive. Choice of two (of five) entrees – shrimp with avocado, foie gras over caramelized onions – plus one plat – foie gras stuffed boneless quail formed into a cylinder, cod, pork – plus dessert. A broader (and more expensive) wine list.


Friendly, professional service, although on our first visit we were not told of non-posted specials. A serious misstep.

The chef’s wife oversees the room with competence, pride and a smile, assisted by equally friendly if less polished staff.


32€ formula, with many supplements. Medium, but low for the result.


Now 59€, 79€


Restaurant now closed.