9, rue de l’Eperon (6)
Tel: 01-43-26-36-36


Entirely forgettable, which is too bad. A small, pleasant room on an ancient Left Bank street just doors from the once venerated Chez Allard, now, sadly, a mecca for American and Japanese tourists.

A 38€ formula menu in every way unobjectionable, but with nothing to recommend it.


Nicely cooked shrimp with foam, lamb without embellishment, the ubiquitous durade (or was it the more universal cod?), molten chocolate cake. Good, but passé.


What service? The food got to the table, but entirely without finesse – or even a tucked-in shirt. Could the wait staff have had the night off?


38€ formula. Fairly priced wines.

(1X) (2010)