2, rue des Hospitalières St-Gervais (4)
Tel: 01-42-72-18-86


If you are not ready for the line or the grittiness of L’As du Falafel (see 4th Arr.), Chez Marianne around the corner serves Jewish/Israeli/Middle Eastern meze at tables in a smallish room, including falafel. In warm weather, there is a spacious adjacent garden. It attracts both the overflow and the less intrepid, and its own following too, which explains weekend lines out the door.


Choose ten meze items for two people, 26€. Or four choices for 12€. Or five for 14€, etc. Pita, what the French call bagels, to go along. (Skip dessert. Save it for Sacha Finkelsztayn, the Jewish bakery across the street.)


Quick, impersonal, charmless.


A la carte, but a great lunch (if you are in the mood) for the price. Not a dinner venue.

10 meze now 30€. All else unchanged.

(2x) (2012-2017)