22, rue Du Plateau (19)
Tel:  01-42-38-18-65


We loved this restaurant.  And good we did, because getting there – in the remote 19th – represented a substantial commitment.  Fortunately, worth the journey (by Metro, return by Uber).

Storefront on a nondescript residential street.  Seven years old, but unknown to us.  A crowd of mixed ages, joined together in their comfort and enjoyment.  Not a neighborhood place, but unprepossessing in appearance, clientele and ambition.  A self-described wine restaurant.  One large wall a blackboard wine list across a range of prices.  Small blackboard menu; 4-5 choices each category.  Friendly welcome.  Smiles and good cheer throughout.  Terrific food, without pretense.  The business card reads “sincere and serious”.  Not a tweezers in sight.


White asparagus with bacon crumbs; turbot over bed cabbage; leg of lamb with root vegetables.  Cheese plate of 6 artisanal selections.

Straight-forward “home style” cooking with top ingredients – confirmed by a 10:00 p.m. fish delivery.  A large white refrigerated truck pulls up outside the restaurant, completely blocking the street.  Out the front door goes the chef.  Driver and his clipboard-wielding wife stand behind open cargo door deep in negotiation.  In come trays of sole, mackerel, cod.  The truck direct from Normandy, where the driver buys from the boats that afternoon.  No dealer.  No Rungis.  Same day, direct to selected restaurants in Paris, including Quedubon.


Two extroverted, highly competent, experienced servers who help to animate the experience and assure satisfaction.


A la carte, medium prices.  Entrée 14€; plats 25-30€, cheese 12€, middle/low priced red wine (delicious) 35€.  Bill for two 131€.  Lunch formula:  17.50€.

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