8, rue du Sabot (6)
Tel:  01-42-84-18-36


Most foreign visitors (Americans like us, at least) come to Paris for French food. Yet like in New York, Chinese food, sushi, pizza and pasta, and now even hamburgers are becoming ubiquitous. The absence of Chinese restaurants in this Diary reflects our taste, not the range of choice.

French friends introduced us to this contemporary, high-style space, deceptively large, decorated with a Zen- like sparseness. Nothing French about the Chinese food, except an aspiration of finesse in menu, food and service not typical of Chinese restaurants at home. A welcome break. (A second branch in the 1st)


Dim sum, composed menus, steamed fish. Food on the lighter side. Fried options lightly fried. Good food. Nice change, if not equal to the best Chinese food in New York.


Black-clad servers. Some polish, some mix-ups.


No bargains. This is not Chinese take-out. Spring roll, rice and dim sum assortment menu, 22€. A regular French wine list.

(4x) (2013-2019)