47 Passage des Panoramas (2)
Tel: 01-75-43-63-10


In the still-tired, but on the upswing Passage Panoramas, an intact engravers shop taken over by an Italian 3-star Michelin restaurant group (Padua) and made over into a chic, upscale, pricey, Italian café and restaurant.  High-quality food and service.  A nice lunch.


Largely a la carte menu with 38€ limited choice lunch:  entrée of 6 tastes of Venetian cicchetti (Italian tapas) followed by seafood risotto, followed by dense espresso.  No dessert on lunch menu.  Worth trying.  Not sure whether worth returning for.


Busy at lunch, but overseen by immeasurably able, attentive, considerate tri-lingual Italian general manager.



(1x) (2016)


Photo from “Out and About in Paris”