8, rue des Plantes (14)
Tel: 01-45-40-40-91


Well hyped in the blogs and guide books, but deservedly so. A tiny restaurant owned by a former butcher. Meat only, mostly beef. Twenty eight seats, tightly arranged. Reservations essential. People turned away. Steaks in various cuts with more varied starters, plus a handful of simple desserts. A very large, very extensive wine list, with only a few lower priced choices. Three in staff: Chef/dishwasher, waiter, owner/manager/waiter. A combination of tourists and regulars.


For the American palate, The Palm would beat it every time, but for steak in Paris, a good choice.


Good energy. Friendly service.


A la carte with a medium priced wine, 164€ for two.

(1x) (2011)