20, rue Saint-Benoit (6)
Tel: 01-45-49-16-00


The 6th Arr. branch of a mini chain, recently expanded to Lexington Avenue. No menu. Attractive, bistro-like décor. Probably less classic than the Rue Marbeuf original. No reservations. Good meal, if low on originality.


Salad, frites, sliced steak with (too much) butter and herb sauce. Choice of desserts. Inexpensive house wines. And a line out the door – every day, every meal.


Women in black and white uniforms bring the food. Only choice is how you like your steak and what you want for dessert. They do the job and add to the idiosyncratic format.


One price, 24.50€. (On Lexington Avenue, the same price in dollars!).

(1x) (2009)