30, rue Daunou (2)
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One good thing leads to another.


With all of the restaurant choices in Paris, there is no likelihood we would risk or “waste” a dinner slot at a small, casual, modern, almost-fast food restaurant in the 2nd Arr., a safe but commercial area near the Opera. Except two nights before on a weekend excursion to Honfleur in Normandy we had one of our best meals ever in the Michelin 2-Star SaQuaNa.  The set menu there began with a crepe-like dish from Aveyron, the chef’s home region, almost like a soft tarte crust of popover-like consistency, a modern version of a traditional pascade (a word and dish I had never heard of).  In Paris, the same chef owns Pascade, where the namesake dish is all they serve, with truffle oil and chives as a first course, filled (with cod and chorizo; with curry chicken, shrimp and penne; with vegetables) as a plat, and with several fillings in a miniature version as dessert.


As elegant, upscale casual food, it was delicious.


Better, lighter and more delicious than the best pizza.  More sophisticated than a crepe.  Perfect for lunch.



Simple food served simply by two helpful, accommodating waitresses.


Three courses, wine, water and coffee, 114€.

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