2 Rue de Berne (8)
Tel: 01 45 22 18 91


This is a promising and deservedly well regarded restaurant in a far off corner of the 8th.  The female chef and pastry chef have strong credentials (Grand Cascade; see 16th), and it shows in the food.  The problem is the room.  A fairly large space with places for 45 or so.  So when it is less than 1/3 full, as it was at a Monday night dinner, any energy is dissipated.  And with a staff geared to more demand, the food comes too quickly.


Choices of each of three courses; wonderful, rich gnocchi or marinated tuna with fennel salad; roasted cod or grilled veal rump steak.  A sophisticated chocolate dessert (a perfect sphere of chocolate, hot chocolate sauce poured over it which melts a hole in the top, revealing cooked pears and ice cream!)


Not unfriendly, but distracted, part of the missing energy.


44€ for three very good courses.  We shared dessert, so 38€ for one dinner.  With four glasses of wine, water and coffee 118€.

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