5, rue des Prouvaires (1)
Tel: 01-42-36-21-82


Touristy Les Halles location. Touristy “old bistro” look. Surprise: good food, professionally served. Hearty menu, with some fish choices. In fact, few tourists, at least foreign ones.

Walked by unexpectedly, decided to return for lunch after 4 years. A good choice.

With tens more restaurant experiences under my belt (!) since my original write- up, a few different thoughts: Touristy look, because it is original and authentic, one of the original Les Halles restaurants, before Les Halles became a shopping mall.

Spacious, but not large, with closely spaced tables for 4 around 3 sides of a rectangle. Even when not full parties of 2 are seated next to other twos. Ignore or embrace your neighbors.

Hearty bistro food with many plats du jour. Immense portions. Wine, Bordeaux or Brouilly, poured into open bottles from casks, pay for what you drink. Not a Michelin caliber meal, but great fun.


Not much finesse, but well executed, traditional bistro choices.

Twice as much as you can (or should) eat, but sharing probably not encouraged. Of course, no doggie bags. Salmon cru: four fillets make a portion. Terrine du Chef: 2 thick slices. Grilled lamb chops: 4, plus frites. Salmon with mustard sauce: enough for 2. Ditto chocolate mousse. All without finesse, and completely agreeable and appropriate.


Professional. Without charm.

As advertised above. Practiced. Not unfriendly, but not warm either.


Not cheap, but reasonable for what it is. A la carte.

With water, coffee, 1⁄2 Bordeaux, 126€, all a la carte.

(2x) (2011 – 2014)