7, rue Faubourg Montmartre (9)
Tel: 01-47-70-86-29


Probably, you’ll want to see this restaurant, but maybe not eat there. Three hundred seats in an historic setting. Lines out to the street. No reservations. All day service. Miniscule prices. The kind of restaurant you looked for as a student. Historic interior with balcony. Steam table food from a large menu. A Paris experience, but not a gourmet experience. Closer to a college cafeteria or a training table for the rugby team. Cavernous, loud. Full plates crashing to the floor (and left there). Chairs banging and falling. Cheapest prices in Paris. Entrees beginning at 2 or 3€. Plats 8 or 10€. Wines 15€, plus half bottles. See it once, go with the right attitude (and the right companions).


Steam Table.


Very rough.


Two people with wine and water, 53€. No coffee. We couldn’t get out fast enough.

(1X) (2011)