35, rue de Verneuil (7)
Tel: 01-42-86-98-88


This critically well regarded small seafood restaurant is literally down the block from our apartment, yet until lunch in December we had never been in, despite the enticement of a 36€ formula lunch, unusual for a seafood specialist.

For lunch, a pleasant, cozy 10 table space. All French business people, most ordering the formula. No buzz, but warm and relaxing, with nice food. Perfect for lunch.


For formula lunch, 3 entrée choices including fried squid or tempura langoustines. Main course cod or recasse, wine or water, and coffee.


Runner plus waiter. Do the job with good humor.


A la carte menu typical for seafood: very high, making 36€ a bargain.

(1x) (2014)


As of Fall, 2017, Closed. Now Les Climats Wine Bar.