59, rue de Dantzig (15)
Tel: 01-48-28-31-55


A nearly 50 year old bistro hidden on a nondescript street in the 15th can hardly be described as a “find”. Obviously, plenty of people found and enjoyed Restaurant du Marche over the decades, but it was not known to me. I discovered it thanks to the normally discerning “Hungry in Paris” website.

A small, classic bistro, ten or so tables for 35 guests – all middle aged French when we were there. Authentic, bordering on seedy, as in untouched, but charming because of that. Movie set-typical, but try to find many more like it. Best of all, it is not limited to the look. The greeting, menu, friendliness and execution all aligned perfectly.


Limited three course menu with unusual specialties, plus a handful of supplements. Blackboard wine list across a price range with good choices.

Entrees included foie gras, house specialty pig’s foot prepared as a grilled open sandwich with chevre and a delicate green salad. Plats included another house specialty, steamed whole duck liver, plus a grilled and a roasted fish, duck Sheppard’s pie. Five dessert choices, including a sublime slice of brie and sherbets from Berthillon. Very good food.


Two in front, the senior English speaking and exceptionally welcoming in a low-key way. Service style very casual.


Three course formula 34€, plus mid-range wine 40€. Supplements (oven roasted scallops) 5- 8€. Very fair prices. The blackboard listed lunch: salad, plat, water and one glass of wine: 18€.

(4x) (2010-2014)