Arnaud Nicolas

46, Avenue de la Bourdonnais (7) Tel:  01-45-55-59-59 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR A new (May, 2017) restaurant in the 7th; handsome, modern, small, spacious.  A specialist in charcuterie, but with a broader menu.  If our one lunch so Read more

Clown Bar

114 Rue Amelot (11) Tel:  01-43-55-87-35 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Experience has taught me to avoid the hype on new restaurants until the serious reviews come out.  Good word of mouth can be created by skilled PR.  (In Read more

Mascotte (La)

52 Rue des Abbesses (18) Tel: 01-46-06-28-15 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Good seafood at reasonable prices remains a challenge in Paris. Fish is represented on virtually every menu, but the choices are limited. There are fish restaurants and Read more

Alan Geaam

19 Rue Lauriston (16) Tel:  01-45-01-72-97 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR For a careful reader of this Diary, it must be clear we have a strong preference for traditional French cooking and only occasional admiration for modern cooking, what Read more


15, rue de la Tour des Dames (9) Tel: 33 1 45 26 21 48 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Eighteen seats in a nicely redecorated room the size of a bedroom, a chef who doubles as dishwasher during Read more

Victor Resturant

101 bis, rue Lauriston (16) Tel:  01-47-27-55-07 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Victor is not a destination restaurant – except for the neighborhood, which crowds its many tables and clearly enjoys the traditional menu of French favorites prepared with Read more

Café des Marronniers

Jardin Des Tuilleries 113, rue de Rivoli (1) Tel: 01-40-20-04-97 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR In addition to la cream and snack kiosks, the Tuilleries Gardens has 4 sit down restaurant/cafes, all seemingly similar in format, menu and price. Read more

Restaurant David Toutain

29, rue Surcouf (7) Tel: 01-45-50-11-10 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR With many exceptions, this Diary skews its restaurant selections toward traditional and classic versus new and modern. If asked, I respond without further thought: I do not enjoy Read more

Lucas Carton

9, Place de la Madeleine (8) Tel: 01-42-65-56-66 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Lucas-Carton has a very long and distinguished history. In modern times it was a 3 Star restaurant, first as classic and traditional in an era when Read more

Arlots (Les)

136, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière (10) Tel: 01-42-82-92-01 AMBIANCE/DÉCOR Les Arlots is a perfectly pleasant, small bistro in the marginal 10th. While reports point to gentrification, it isn’t yet intuitive that one walks the streets Read more

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